Little Sparrow



Little Sparrow BnB is currently only available during the winter months, from November through March. Two BnB rooms are available in the main house for booking 

Please contact us with inquiries


Little Sparrow is happy to facilitate guests’ needs and prepare nutritious breakfasts. We are able to accommodate any dietary needs specific to our guests. Although dinner will not be provided, guests can enjoy many wonderful restaurants and cafes the Sunshine Coast has to offer. If you choose to order in, we prefer that meals are eaten in the dining area rather than in the bedrooms (During the pandemic, dinners are to be eaten inside your rented room). 


Silent Spa’ing.  We highly suggest you take advantage of spending a couple of hours unwinding in the various spa features in silence as this is when deep relaxation is most achieved.

Cell phones are a global phenomenon that in many ways have improved our lives, however, have also contributed to increased anxiety and an addiction that we all know to be unhealthy and energy consuming. It’s not mandatory, but we suggest and encourage you to abandon your phone in the ‘cell phone drawer’ and limit your use daily while at Little Sparrow. We encourage deep relaxation and detoxing while at Little Sparrow.