Little Sparrow


Here at Little Sparrow we are open to all forms of wellness, healing and all walks of life. This is an alcohol and drug free space where the intention is for visitors to cleanse and rejuvenate their present state.


Little Sparrow is available all year to host groups for guided workshops, training, retreats and events. Leaders are able to book the entire property or only the space required. Able to tailor the space to suit your needs and elevate your program for your guests.

Please contact us describing your retreat or workshop you would like to host, along with reference links to your practice. Include the number of people of attendees, dates, arrival time, and departure time. 

Little Sparrow is very lucky to have Marta and Keith as our resident property managers to facilitate retreats needs, and prepare nutritious and wholesome breakfast and lunches. Able to easily accommodate any dietary needs specific to your guests. Although dinner will not be provided, leaders can book our recommended caterer or enjoy many wonderful restaurants and cafes Sunshine Coast has to offer.

Depending on scheduled retreat activities, we suggest that the first half of the day is reserved for silent spa bathing and evenings open for conversing during spa hours. This however is at the discretion of each retreat. 

Cell phones are a global phenomenon that in many ways have improved our lives, however have also contributed to increased anxiety and an addiction that we all know to be unhealthy and energy consuming. It’s not mandatory, but we suggest and encourage you to abandon your phone in the ‘cell phone drawer’ and limit your use daily while at your retreat. Marta will be happy to show you where the cell phone drawer is. 

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