About Us

About Us

Little Sparrow Spa and Wellness Retreat came into fruition while it’s creator and builder, Courtney Wing, relaxed in the tranquility of Scandinave Spa in 2015. The quiet solitude alone without interruption, whilst embracing the Scandanavian Hydrotherapy Spa methods inspired a sense of healing that Courtney wanted others to experience. This realization came at a time when heavy grief occupied Courtney’s heart as many of his closest family members had either transitioned or were nearing the end of their lives. With this loss came the blessing of an impressive near finished 5,000 square foot rustic post and beam house that was constructed over five years using seven fir trees that were cut and milled right on the property.

Courtney took his parent’s unfinished dream home and continued shaping it into his own dream of a wellness spa and retreat center for leaders to host enriching and healing workshops. Following the completion of the main house in 2016, Courtney, along with a community of wonderful contributors, designed and built all of the spa features on the property today.

For many years, Courtney has been fascinated by studies of the Blue Zones, the regions in the world where people live the longest. Conclusive research has discovered that the main reasoning behind this unusual longevity is cohesion through community and sense of belonging. It is the intention of Little Sparrow to foster a strong sense of community by providing a place people can share, detox, cleanse and heal from the hardships of life, and rejoice in new heartfelt moments.

Welcome, and happy living!

With love, 
Courtney and the Little Sparrow Community

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