Spa Features

Spa Features

Little Sparrow spa is born from four years of learning, perseverance and a global community of friends and helpers hard work and smiles.

Today, guest have full access to explore our multiple on-property spa facilities to discover a wellness routine that suits, surrounded by the tranquility of nature.

For those interested in having a private massage, Little Sparrow’s resident masseuse can arrange to give you a private massage in your room. Please contact Shea Weflen for bookings at: Phone Number. Shea is really great and is a fabulous communicator as well, so please express the level of pressure of massage you desire for your body, both before and during the massage.


The outdoor sauna was the first spa feature, built in 2016. As a wood burning stove style sauna, guests get the pleasure to enjoy the soothing smell of cedar to invigorate a true sense of traditional west coast culture. Built from repurposed materials the sauna invites guests to come, relax and detoxify while looking out onto the Strait of Georgia.

The Natural Plunge Pool

From the wonderful work of people from Spain and France, Little Sparrow brings you the Plunge Pool. A centre piece to the backyard of the property the Plunge Pool sits peacefully over looking the ocean. Made as a natural pool means water is pumped through the aggregate up to a small pond at the top of the property, water trickles down the 80 foot rock stream to aid oxygenation which contributes to the health of the water. Great for quick plunges following sauna and hot tub sessions.

The Hot Tub

Located right outside the lower level exit is the hot tub. Born from 8 months of hard labour, Little Sparrow is proud to introduce its hot tub. Able to fit up to 6 people comfortably, this spacious hot tub with is complete with adjustable lights and jets. Enjoy the pull chain shower beside the hot tub for cold rinsing.

The Infared Sauna

If you want a deeper spa experience, Little Sparrow Spa also has a infrared sauna.

Great for effectively drawing out toxins from deep within the body’s tissue while relaxing. Similar to wood burning saunas, infrared can aid sleep, stress relief, improve circulation and detoxify. Situated to the right of the lower level exit.

The Steam Room

The steam room is the last of the spa features that we built here at Little Sparrow. Perched just behind the mighty fir tree at the back of the sauna, the steam room is the perfect spa feature to detox with the healing aroma of eucalyptus very hot steam. Guests can easily rinse off in the natural plunge pool or the cold shower a few steps away from the steam room’s entrance.

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